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Our Vision

excavation services in GTA
When our clients succeed, so do we.

Our cement finishing, waterproofing, & Basement excavation services continue to influence our clients' work, the community's economy, and our company's reputation in GTA & ON long after we've left the work site. That's why we deliver on every commitment we make and, no matter where our work takes us, we apply the same set of ....READ MORE
New Construction

cement finishing in GTA, ON
We are a leading niche building contractor in GTA & ON. Our services focus on basement waterproofing, excavation, cement finishing, and a bespoke approach to design and specification. Our developments are among the most exciting and innovative in the market place. From conception to completion, our work is characterized by outstanding architecture, stylish design, superb specifications, meticulous attention to detail, and a real...READ MORE
Custom Renovation

waterproofing services in GTA
We are a unique company with an in depth knowledge of renovations in GTA & ON. We offer affordable solutions for your basement excavation, basement waterproofing, cement finishing, and other construction services according to the latest trends and designs. You have a variety of services to choose from, and you have the convenience and peace of mind of working with only one company. Our main objective is to achieve a high standard of finish and customer satisfaction. From start to finish, we give careful attention to every detail. We pride ourselves in satisfying our ...READ MORE

Cement Finishing, Basement Waterproofing & Excavation Services in GTA and ON

Waterproofing, Excavation, and Cement Finishing Services ON & GTA


Hilton Construction is a recognized construction company in GTA & ON area and was founded on hard work and dedication. Our services cover General contracting for projects like cement finishing and basement excavation and waterproofing. We also cover Constriction Management, Design-Build and Consultation in GTA & ON.

We’ve always believed in providing honest services and doing things with integrity. Our cement finishing works, basement waterproofing & excavation projects, and other renovation jobs in GTA all capture the feel of the community and enhances its appearance. At Hilton Construction, we are helping to build a better tomorrow, making us a world-class construction company today.

Expert & Skillful Contractors for Cement Finishing, Basement Waterproofing & Excavation, Concrete Demolition, & other Renovation Services in GTA & ON

We follow the modern and innovative approach for all our basement waterproofing, basement excavation, cement finishing, interior wall waterproofing & concrete works. Our team of experienced construction workers and engineers use innovative techniques that do not only improve the quality of our work but also reduce costs for our clients in GTA & ON.

With Hilton Construction, we have the expertise and experience for services involving basement excavation & waterproofing, cement finishing, and all concrete work & remodeling for commercial & residential property owners in GTA & ON.

Why Choose Our Services in GTA & ON

At Hilton, we provide turnkey services for all our construction projects. Clients choose to work with Hilton Construction because of our unique approach to community generation and affordable housing.

We are committed to delivering fully integrated services through our team and processes that will ensure optimal performance throughout the lifecycle of your project. Whether you require basement excavation or wall waterproofing, cement finishing, or building demolition, we are committed to finish your project right on schedule & within budget.

For all your general construction needs including cement finishing, basement excavation & waterproofing, call our office today so we can start planning for your renovation project.

We have a broad portfolio of successfully completed projects across a range of sectors and are proud to say that our business has a loyal list of satisfied & repeat clients in GTA and ON.
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